City of Grand Forks

Capital Program Manager

Justin Dinsdale

Oversees procurement, contracting and oversight of Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Fund (DMAF) capital / construction projects

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Graham Watt

Coordinates land acquisition and in-kind / reinvestment plan

Leads flood risk reduction planning efforts and supports floodplain and riparian restoration program

Manager of Development, Engineering & Planning

Dolores Sheets

Oversees capital, engineering and planning functions within Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Fund (DMAF)

Subdivision approving officer and responsible for ensuring development, engineering, and planning proposals are in line with City bylaws and policies

Corporate Officer

Daniel Drexler

Administrative authorization for sign-off on Land Acquisition Plan implementation

Various Other Staff

As per direction of CAO and department heads

Land Acquisition Team

Keystone Appraisals & Consulting

Project Director

Oliver Berkeley

Responsible for the successful design and implementation of the Land Acquisition Program and related works

Senior Appraiser

Responsible for valuation portion of the assignment and application of a rigorous, consistent approach

Assorted Appraisal, Legal, Technical Specialist Staff & Consultants

Support Keystone in this work

Project Partners

Infrastructure Canada, Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Fund

Federal Funding Partner

Emergency Management BC, Community Recovery Branch

Federal Funding Partner

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary

Chris Marsh – Recovery Manager

Key liaison to RDKB

Responsible for project components and properties in the rural area

City of Greenwood

Project component / properties identified depending on site-specific analysis carried out by City of Greenwood

Other Non-profit Organizations & Funders

In background discussions with City and will be identified here